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How To Say Coffee In Hebrew

One possible way to say “coffee” in Hebrew is קפה (kafeh).

How To Say Coffee In Hebrew

There is no one word for coffee in Hebrew. However, there are a few words that can be used to describe coffee. קפה (kafe) is the most common word for coffee, and it can be used to describe both the drink and the beans. קפה בוסת (kafe bust) refers to espresso, and קפה ערבי (kafe aravi) refers to Turkish

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  • Kafeh qahweh
  • Kafeya
  • There is no one definitive way to say “coffee” in hebrew. however, some possible ways include
  • Kafe

1. There are a few ways to say “coffee” in Hebrew. The most common way is קופה (kof-eh), but there are also other ways to say it, depending on the region. 2. In general, Israelis say קופה (kof-eh) for coffee. However, in Jerusalem and other parts of the country, people might say קפה (kaf-eh). 3

Frequently Asked Questions

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ברכת הגוף לאדם בשפת המקור

How Do You Say Coffee In Israel?

קוֹפֶּה (coffee) is pronounced as “kofeh” in Israel.

What Does Ma Nishma Mean?

The Hebrew phrase “ma nishma” is usually translated as “what does this mean?” or “what is the meaning of this?”

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שלום להגיע, שלום ליוצאים

What Is The 11Th Hebrew Letter?

The 11th Hebrew letter is “Yud.” It has a numerical value of 10.

How Do You Say Coffee In Israel?

קופה kova – coffee

What Does Ahlan Mean In Hebrew?

The word ahlan is Hebrew for “hello” or “welcome”.

How Do You Say Good Afternoon In Hebrew?


What Does Eze Yofi Mean?

Eze YOFI means the Lord is with me.

What Is Kef Hebrew?

KEF Hebrew is a language school in Israel that provides intensive Hebrew courses for foreigners. The school offers a range of programs for all levels of Hebrew, from absolute beginners to those who have some previous knowledge of the language.


The Hebrew word for coffee is “kahve.”

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